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About .NET Application Development Services

The .NET application can be explained as the new model of programming and development application. It provides a great platform to the developers by which the developer can strongly build application for the next generation. One can easily employ the .NET service to build an awesome website. For its functionality, the .NET class library is available to all. .NET languages are consists of object model and not quite similar to the programming language which the developers use normally. Through the .NET application the developers can specify the method level security using some standard protocols like: TCP/IP, XML, SOAP and HTTP. The use of these is basically to facilitate distributed application communication. The service offered by .NET is simplified debugging procedure. Overall it is an easy application to maintain and use.

The .Net platform provides the service to make the complete range of computing devices work together. By enabling the greater use of XML rather than HTML, it provides a fruitful interactive capability for the websites. It also has paid online services that feature the customized access and the delivery of the products. Apart from this, the Office .NET is used to manage different application like: e-mails, software, etc. For the efficient and hassle free access to the information, the centralized data storage is provided to the users. It also synchronizes information among the users and many devices. There is an integration of various communication medium such as: e-mail, faxes and telephones. It also offers the creation of reusable modules which helps to reduce the error associated with the programming.

An overview of .NET framework

Due to its usability and functionality .NET application is still in a high demand, even though there are a numerous latest web technologies and languages are coming day by day. The Microsoft .NET framework is software that can be easily incorporated with the Microsoft Windows. It comes in a package of several pre-coded solutions that are really useful for the web applications specially. The browser friendliness of the .NET framework is the key feature that is offered by the Microsoft .NET framework. The class library of .NET program contains a numerous pre-coded solutions and they cover a various topics to guide the developers. Through the class library a developer can get various tips and facts such as: the user interface, data access, cryptography, web application development, numeric algorithms, and network communications.

The full implementation of the program is done in such a software environment that controls the program runtime requirements. The runtime environment of the .NET program is called CLR or Common Language Runtime. CLR is fruitful in two ways for the developers and they are:

  1. It gives the appearance of an application virtual machine to facilitate the developers so that they do not need to think about the compatibility of any CPU for carrying their projects.
  2. Security mechanisms, memory management, and exception handling are some great features that it also offers.

Simply, the .NET class library provides a great user friendly environment for the developers for the smooth running of their projects. Supported by Windows Server 2003 and Vista, .NET framework launched for the first time on 2002. The latest version of this framework is well supported and compatible with the Windows service packs.

Different aspects of .net application development services

.NET application has simplified the production of a numerous web applications. The .NET framework is a product of Microsoft and thus, it operates smoothly in the Microsoft Windows platform. It comes with a bunch of benefits which are the main reason for the wide acceptance of this .NET framework. After the successful launch of .NET framework in 2002, a number of versions have come over. The latest version of .NET framework is 3.5 with is a great fun to work with for the developers. The further development of this application is still under progress. The advanced facilities that are forth-coming for the users are Parallel Programs, Distributed Systems, LINQ Engine Parallel Implementation, and Task Parallel Library. Now let's have a look on the various features of the .NET framework:

  1. The easy development of the .NET framework is a great feature. It provides hassle free installation of the .NET application. It is almost fit in any sort of system configuration.
  2. There is no language dependency as it is built on a Common Type System. The language is supported by each other's instances.
  3. It has a common security prototype for all the applications and very much capable of handling the destructive software tools and utilities.
  4. It is easily compatible with the third party tools that are running on different platforms. It has successfully made the easy running on various platforms.
  5. -.NET applications development toil mutually with older versions of the.NET application growth programmed the attribute of developing and executing programs out of.NET organization.

J2EE and ASP .Net Application Development

Both ASP.NET and J2EE are most popular languages that are categorized in server side programming. These two server side language are getting used widely for the web development and applications. Core Java and Advance Java, Struts, Hibernate are the most popular names among the modern developers. It can be said that the biggest rival of the Sun Microsystems's Java is Microsoft's .NET platform. .NET program is mainly a framework rather than any independent language. The C# language is a thing that is widely used for the .NET development.

Through our professional experience we have seen that most of our clients are basically confused on what they should go for? Both of them are object oriented programming language and are extensively used for the web developments. Java provides platform independence by Bytecode and.Net provides platform independence by MSIL that is Microsoft transitional Language code. Java uses JRE to execute Byte code where.Net uses CLR for the common IL code.

We recommend to our clients that both of them are equally good for web developments and web applications. Whatever it is, we are equally capable of giving effective solutions to our clients. Our team is quite experienced and efficient to handle the projects on these applications very fruitfully.