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About Android Application

A brief overview on android application and android application development

The development process of android applications is very similar to the iphone application development. The main driving force behind the android applications is the Google. Android applications are very much useful and stunning with their results. Many people of today are using them for different business purposes. Many students are using them for their learning purposes. It is also possible to create great funny applications and gaming applications for your android supported phones. These applications can change the whole dimension of the world around you through the technology of them.

A company that wants to get into Android app development will first have to go to the Android developers' website to download the Android Software Development Kit (SDK). This is very similar to the iphone applications development. There is Droid Emulator software which can check the functionality of android applications. This is very much supportive as no developer would want to have to load a piece of software onto and off of a Droid phone over and over again during the testing phase. Another nice perk of the Android SDK is how well it fits into any developer's suite of development software thus it made easy to develop Android applications easy. The most of the works on Droid are completely open source. The developers are waiting for such a device which is running solely on software made by Google.

The future of the android applications is looking very bright. It is a class symbol to use the android supported phones which are very elegant and the applications are really helpful and useful too. To experience a smart phone of today's era the android phones are highly recommended with their fruitful application. With it, users are no more held reverse by bloated inheritance systems that present flawed functionality.

Top android applications

Now have a look on some awesome android applications:

Connect Bot

It is a beautiful app that is very useful for those who works in Linux server. This is completely secure. You can connect your remote server easily with this application.


For those who work in the network computers, Ping is a good android application for them. You can check the performance of your server via this application.

App Manager

It is an app that makes the management of your business things easy. Through this you can take back up of your unprotected apps in the SD card. And later you can easily install or uninstall the applications from your SD card.

Bar Code Scanner

It is another great application with awesome feature that can analyze a bar code. Both UPC style bar codes and QR codes can be scanned with this.

Handcent SMS

It is a default messaging app. Although you cannot save MMS attachments but still it is very much handy for specially text messages.

Snap Photo Pro

Snap Photo Pro is a win at only $0.99 for the application. The android application in this case replaces the camera app. Managing photos is easy with this application.

WiFi Analyzer

This application is for helping you to find the wi-fi system near you. It can catch the wi-fi signals very easily and thus gives you notification of the nearby wi-fi sinals.

Pic Say Pro

This is an app by which you can edit images. This is very useful for editing mobile images and uploading them into the web with a basic retouch.


This is for the music lover. Shazam is an Android application that can listen to a piece of music at a club or on the radio and identify the title, the album and the artist performing it.

Benefits of the android applications

For a mobile platform, the Google has developed the android. The android mobile platform constitutes of operating system (OS), the middleware, main applications, and a (SDK). The SDK facilitates the developers with the APIs and tools needed for Development. It is a great fun to use so many good applications in the android platform. Making android application is also very cost effective as the initial investment is very low for the reason of its open source. Now let's see some featuring points which will help you to understand the benefits of android applications.

  • Android applications are Linux based and it is easy to access the development environment and core functionality of the mobile device.
  • Through this you can get quick information. Accurate search results can also be achieved.
  • The drastic reduction of the cycle.
  • It is very easy to use the development tools.
  • The information and services that it provides contain zero element of biasness.
  • The rich browser facility of this can provide enhanced services to the users.

Android blackberry application

The use of the Android Blackberry Applications is growing at a large scale throughout the world. Due to its continuous growth it has become a threat for the other operating mobile systems. An android blackberry application is not the most popular mobile operating system at this time, but it is definitely expanding quicker than any other. It seems the demands for these applications are not going to end for time after time. Today many corporate are using smart phones such as android or iphone to connect their business networks. It is a great help for the email and e-business. Due to the sleek and charming look of Blackberry with some great features, it has become a normal choice for the corporate people.

Designing the android or iphone application is completely dependent on the client's preference. Our company has a consultancy unit which is basically for advising the clients on the feasibility of their ideas. We can suggest you to get the most out of your applications. We can supply android apps for the various needs like: gaming apps, educational apps and business apps. There are so many fruitful apps that we developed for android mobiles for the various business needs for our customers. The various apps that we developed for the business purposes are: online money making apps, email organizing apps, etc.