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Email Newsletter Templates

Features of a good email newsletter

A website newsletter or ezine is a great tool for an e-commerce business. Studies have shown that the main reason customers will stop buying from you is a lack of communication. In order to hold onto the customers you already have, it’s important to build a stronger relationship with them using a newsletter program as your form of communication. Once you have an ongoing relationship with your customers, it becomes much easier to sell to them again and again.

There are several elements you should include and different factors to keep in mind when creating your own newsletter program. Here are some important features of a good e-commerce website newsletter:

  • Include announcement of new products
  • Offer customers special promotions or discounts
  • Make sure the design of your newsletter matches that of your website, including header and tabs
  • Keep it brief, the less content the better
  • Have consistent delivery of your newsletter, try not to send out too many or too little
  • Include important information related to your products such as consumer reports or recent news
  • Include multiple calls to action such as banners, text links and buttons that sends the subscriber directly to specific pages on your site
  • Include an ’Unsubscribe’ link in the footer area of each newsletter and make sure to add a form on the unsubscribe page asking for the reason to get feedback

Pros and cons of an email newsletter

The Pros

First of all, the newsletter is a huge means of communiqué. It is an uncomplicated method for businesses to produce relationship with fresh and existing customers. Through a newsletter, the online businessmen create an opportunity to switch over thoughts with clients and dig up web traffic.

Another benefit resulting from the newsletter is ordinary get in touch with. By it’s extremely personality; a newsletter has a predefined regularity.

Some of the subscribers to a newsletter may not essentially be customers. They could be possible business associates or websites that have a curiosity in a similar type of manufactured goods. The newsletter could ultimately put down the position work for teamwork.

An email newsletter is simple to distribute. Once the newsletter is prepared, it only takes a click away to craft it obtainable to the addressee in a matter of seconds.

The Cons

Being fascinated in a unbending agenda, a business commits to customers that they can anticipate the newsletter every week the trade is under compulsion to fulfill this pledge. This can be wearisome, particularly if the trade is shorthanded and cannot consign the time necessary each time for explore and writing the content.

A trade may want to converse confident information in the newsletter but the newsletter can only be so long. An extended newsletter is improbable to be interpreting in its total.

There is no promise that the receiver of the email newsletter will study it. People will discover it easier to delete an email newsletter before they interpret it than they would a published newsletter. However, auto responders can present statistics on the subscribers that have comprehend the email and those that have not and assist online business houses formulate changes to the newsletter.

Spam is another major defy of email newsletter. Email servers frequently mark newsletters as spam particularly if receivers of the newsletter flag the mails as spam.

Effective Email newsletter writing

An effective email newsletter is the best way to build a powerful and successful mailing list of subscribers and consumers. To write a successful newsletter it is vital to present yourself and your company in an effective manner. It won’t be wrong to say that to write an effective email newsletter isn’t an easy task.

There are a wide range of newsletters for just about every topic related to products and services that are available online. Before you begin writing an email newsletter try to keep following points in mind:

Firstly, make your email newsletter short and crisp. Try to avoid unclear and extraneous content which will be of no use to you or your subscribers. Customers mainly look for accurate and useful information that assist them to make smart and fast buying decisions. If you are able to provide such information about your own products and services then you can easily generate more sales and business.

Before writing your email newsletter answer this simple question, ’How often do you want to publish your email newsletter?’ To find answer to this question it is wise to take a survey to know the time preferred by the majority of your readers. If you’re familiar with your business and industry and also possess a strong knowledge of your target audience then you can select the more suitable time on your own.

The next task to achieve this is to use your best judgment or even an experiment until you find the right frequency.

Benefits of email marketing

There are many benefits that your business can drive from the use of email newsletters. First is ease of organization. It is much easier to manage than hard copy newsletters which require much more logistical planning in printing, storage, distribution and discarding. It will simply be stored on the computer and organized electronically for future reference, search and retrieval.

Another benefit of the email newsletter is the ease with which one can respond to email. This is an advantage for both you as the business owner and the recipients of your emails. As opposed to the standard newsletter that would require the recipient to go a lot more out of their way to respond, it is something someone can respond to without interrupting their day to day process significantly.

It is easier to sift through and filter email to identify what is relevant and what can wait. You can quickly scan the emails by subject so you can open and read what is relevant and discard what responses are not relevant to your email newsletter campaign.