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Java Web Development

About Java web service development

Now, with the rapid growth of the technology, it is very difficult to predict which one is good right now. To know this, we must have a look on the past too. It was not a much time before these applications were developed. In early days, dbase, FoxBASE are some application which the programmers used to employ for their projects. User interface, the business rules, and the database services were managed by the same machine then. Then the local area network came into the picture and it has changed the client server application program.

It wasn't too long ago that applications were designed, developed, and deployed on a single machine. For those of you that can remember the early days of the personal computer era, things like dbase, FoxBASE, and the like might ring a bell. Everything ran on the same machine -- the user interface, the business rules, and the database services. Now the user interface and the business rules came on the computer and sent requests to a client-server DBMS such as Oracle or SQL Server, while on the server side, records were processed and results were returned to the client. Then the 3-tier application introduced as the LAN is matured. And this way there is a rapid change come in the programming languages.

There are various programming languages that are widely used in developing web applications for the users. Such applications have largely contributed to the field of web development. Java is one of the programming languages that are immensely used in developing innovative and creative applications for the users.

Whether you want to play games, chat with your friends or view 3D images, Java has been a great support to provide a complete user experience. It has been able to meet the varied needs and requirements of the people who have access to the World Wide Web.

With the wide range of features and usability, the Java experts charge huge amount for developing Java web applications. Hence, businesses invest a large amount on Java applications to attain quality services from the software development companies.

If you want to attain your business goals without spending huge money, you can outsource your requirements to a developing country like India. Below are some of the reasons for giving preference to India for web application development. These are:

  1. Cost-effective Services
  2. Timely Solutions
  3. No compromise with the quality
  4. Skilled and experienced Java developers
  5. Helps in reducing the overall costs
  6. Evaluates the risk factors associated with it
  7. Monitors the performance
  8. Provides necessary recommendations

Outsourcing has always been a good option for the businesses to obtain timely and cost-effective solutions for providing full customer satisfaction. There are many software development countries that are providing java services to help in providing immediate solutions to the clients.

Secure Java web application

Writing secure Java application is an art which is being tried to approach in innovative style by the Java developers. There are a lot of aspects can be served through the secure Java application and the employee team of our company has successfully carrying on their research on the Java. Our employees are very much experienced and highly expert to conduct and standardize the Java development in a secure manner. While doing these, the following steps are considered:

  1. Technique of data handling
  2. User authentication rule
  3. The access control
  4. Session management administration

A secure Java application development is successful only if, it is written to meet both the quality and security purpose. A logical software design and a few guidelines driven from the experiences help to achieve a secure application. It is true that every programming language has its own limitations and weaknesses. So it might be possible for any developers to do some mistakes. But these mistakes are very critical and not fit for any kind of professional projects. If you are thinking about outsourcing the JAVA application then choose the company minutely. We have a very much experienced team which can handle these projects easily. There are some specific things with JAVA which the programmers should follow. Our programmers follow the following things for secure JAVA application:

  1. Designing of logical software
  2. Accurate validations
  3. Good strategic and well planned development procedure
  4. Standard security test

As it mentioned earlier, every programming languages has its own limitations but it depends on the merit of the programmers who will carry out the project for JAVA development application.

JAVA vs. .NET, a comparative study

Java and .Net are very accepted and commanding programming languages that any coders require to recognize to function their products properly. Now, we will learn the different aspects of these two languages. Below a comparative study is give. Have a look:


  • The development process is very easy and much hassle free than the others.
  • Easy interface development for Windows
  • Compatible with other Microsoft products.
  • Design architecture is very good
  • It has developed so many technologies by a powerful community, such as - Hibernate, Spring, etc.
  • It is very much compatible with so many platforms. (Such as LINUX, WINDOWS)


  • Works smoothly with the Microsoft only.
  • Close source code though designs and specifications are open
  • There is a fair amount of help for the developers.
  • It has a very complicated "under" architecture.
  • It has a mono project in LINUX. But in spite of that, it only works well with the Microsoft only.
  • It is a paid application. One has to pay money to the Microsoft.
  • Java is very difficult to develop.
  • Weaker supported tools than .NET.
  • Speed is lesser that the .NET.
  • Security mechanism is weaker than the Microsoft's .NET.

It is recommended that if you are looking for an application which you will run in the Windows, then .NET is useful for that case. .NET is a product of Microsoft and it is really compatible with the other products of Microsoft. But if you are looking to develop a huge project then it is useful to use Java as it is much cost-effective. It is true it has a weak architectural design but it can be used to develop stable applications.