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PHP Application Development

What is PHP and how it functions?

PHP or Hypertext Processor, is basically a computer language code, mail used for the web development. It can produce incredible web pages when it is incorporated with the HTML code. The web servers which have a PHP processor module with them can interpret the PHP code and then a web page document is created. Generally, it takes input data from HTML. For a various purpose the scripting code is used. It has been processed to perform the operating system operations by creating a program output on its standard channel. Also it is used to perform graphical stuffs of a website. All the modern web servers are equipped with the inbuilt PHP processor.

It is can be illustrated as a server-side scripting and supplies the contents from the web servers to a client. The most important part of PHP is to build a framework to give a platform to the Rapid Application Development with is also known as RAD. Approximately, 80% web servers are using PHP as a server-side programming language. Interacting with the operating system for doing any task is a great thing that PHP scripting language provides. The output is received through the command that is given to the operating system. The server-side code generates a HTML which directly goes to the users. Well, this is a useful and smart thing for maintaining the administrative work.

Easy PHP application development and its open source

Being a server side scripting language PHP can be smoothly embedded with the HTML. For dynamic and interactive websites, PHP is an indispensible thing. This scrip0ting language is so vast that it can be used with the JAVA script and database such as MySQL server. The open source technology of PHP is backed with a large community support. The benefit of PHP is − it is not platform supported. It works smoothly for all the operating systems including LINUX and Windows. For the core development of PHP, a large collection of open source is available. Here we will learn about some of the open source projects. They are:

Joomla: It is a popular content management system. You can easily install and customize this. It offers a wide range of free and paid designs for the users. It also offers a big collection of both free and paid plug-ins, modules and components. These features are for increasing the functionality of your website. It has a well organized control panel that helps in easy maintenance of the website. Like Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal are also the example of content management systems.

Oscommerce: It is an effective open source for the shopping websites. Through this you can create your own shopping website by putting a very minimum time and effort. There is an open source code is available by default which you can customize too. It also offers category like: Megento, Zen cart, etc.

Apart from these two, there are a lot of open source projects are available for different purposes. Like phpBB, b2evolution, VBulletin are used for the development of the blogging site. There are so many applications that are widely available for the Forum development, social networking sites, video sharing sites, software testing application, etc. Our company can provide you all these kind of solution as we have experts to handle the open source projects.

PHP development for an awesome website

Now-a-days, the web designing concept has changed immensely. The requirement for the dynamic web pages is increasing day by day. PHP or Hypertext Processor is a scripting language that provides a great platform for the dynamic websites. The advantage of PHP is as mentioned earlier that it is fully compatible with the all major operating systems. Creating websites with PHP is easy and quite handy too. PHP is now getting extensively used in the production of many interacting websites. There is a lot of server which offers default PHP script installed in their system.

The another thing with PHP is it is really cost effective in comparison to all other languages that are used for the web development purpose such as − Java, ASP.NET and VB.Net. It is an open source language and hence, completely free. You can save your dollars by using PHP for the web development purpose. Through our experience we can say that we have seen a lot of clients who use PHP for their web development due to the feature of PHP such as cost-effective and user-friendly. Apart from cost0effectiveness, PHP is highly reliable and fast to work with. It is a smooth job for the developers to work with the PHP.

It is easy to incorporate the MySql database management system with PHP. PHP can easily extract data from the database which is really a great feature of PHP. PHP is also very much compatible with the other database managements systems, such as − Oracle, Informix, etc. Accessing information with PHP is really fast and a great pleasure for the users too. Therefore, one can build an awesome website with the help of PHP or Hypertext Processor.

Benefits of PHP application development

Now let's have a quick look on all the benefits or advantages that PHP offers:

  • Being an open source platform, it is completely free and hence can save a lot of money.
  • PHP is very much user-friendly and it is purely well-matched with the operating systems such as − LINUX and Windows.
  • Based on C++ language is another advantage of PHP. C++ is a widely used programming language that is well known to the developers.
  • It is easy to incorporate with the MySQL database and can easily extract information from the database.
  • This is a fast, safe and highly secured application.
  • It is very much compatible with a large number of databases. A real hassle free scripting language.
  • As PHP is a licensed product, there is no question any kind of royalty.
  • It works with the HTML to show the inputs as high dynamic elements in the output channel.
  • Quick loading, fast navigation are the other features that PHP offers.

Hence, these are the basic that are involved with PHP. We are an experience web development company which has potential to provide you complete PHP based solutions.