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Web Presentations

The basics of web presentation

"As a president, I always join many meetings and trade shows to present our products or corporation. There is no problem with the live presentation. But I'm stuck when I want to sharing the meeting with others after it. Because I need present the same presentation again and again even spend additional high costs on driving or flying. The boring continual repetition makes me crazy. Is there any way to take my live presentation to the web? - Mr. Cooper"

PowerPoint is still the most popular tool for presentations now. It could integrate images, movies, narrations, animations to make the presentation animated and interactive. But the PowerPoint file is big and hard to share on the web, hard to integrate with the presenter's video and narration to live up the presentations.

PPT2Flash Professional converts the PowerPoint presentations to Flash with presenter's video and narration in one click. It works as a PowerPoint add-in. Presenter could easily distribute the Flash presentations to their website or training center for sharing. The Flash format is safer and smaller for web distribution.

Omnisio and Zentation are simple online applications for the synchronization and sharing of the Slideshare-hosted PowerPoint decks and Google Video-hosted content. You could upload your video to Youtube and then upload the PowerPoint presentation to Slideshare, use Omnisio and Zentation to synchronization them together. They will generate one webpage for you. You could share the content with others on this webpage.

Multimedia presentation for the websites

Multimedia has caught the attention of many. It is a combination of text, audio- visuals, images, animation and other interactive content variety. For catching the attraction of people across the globe, many web developers and designers are looking forward to develop sites that are interactive and give a personalized touch to the viewers/ visitors. Particularly for the sites developed for corporate houses, educational institutions and for awareness campaigns, multimedia presentations are widely used. The growing competition among the business houses, has led to an increase in demand of something new every time. Seeing this many multi media professionals come up with new ideas and see that every project undertaken by them has something "unique".

For different sites the professional needs too vary. For example, if an educational site is it to be made then instructional designing method is followed by them. Here very effectively audio visuals and graphics are blended to attract the attention of learner. Further pictorial representation helps in remembering the things better. At times they also prepare games, which help the user to know how things seen by them can be helpful in real life. If in the website video is used then easily audio elements can be incorporated that helps in grabbing the clients / visitors attention.

Similarly for corporate sites, multimedia catalogs can be developed. In addition to this one can use 3D pictures successfully for demo presentation. In addition to these multimedia presentations are used for making eye catching & information based business portfolios, catalogs, sales presentations, marketing material, tutorials, electronic brochures, annual reports, reseller education, sales presentation, interactive brochure, direct mail piece, etc. These are considered a valuable tool for creating an attractive multimedia site.

Effective PowerPoint presentation for websites

PowerPoint presentations come as a major outcome of the advent of technology. While these presentations act as a good way to present yourself effectively, they have inevitably become an integral part of all sales and marketing endeavors. While it accentuates the efforts of a sales person in his presentation of his services and products, it is interesting and engaging for the customer too. PowerPoint allows presentation content to be rendered into visual PowerPoint graphic slides and get an effective presentation.

However, not all know how to effectively render the same. It is very important to ensure that your presentations are a visual treat to the viewers. However, the content should be concise and of importance. While explanations can be written as sub-titles or even recorded, it is a pretty technical job to get everything in place.

This difficulty is however sorted out by a good number of websites that provide ready content for almost any kind of presentation you want. Such sites hire the services of the best of presenters who create some of the finest of presentations. A perfect matching of colors and fonts creates the first impression on any viewer. Intelligent use of colors to accentuate your key points is another smart move, only experts can achieve.

Good use of images and figures is another major aspect of presentations. However, such things are hard to find. Websites that offer presentation solutions are a good place to get these powerful presentation accessories. Images and figures in presentations always grab audience attention and thus help you in achieving your aim.

All the presentations need to follow a certain flow in order to be understandable to the audience and be concise and clear. Generally the best way is to go in this way:

  • Introduction
  • Details and execution
  • Summation of the entire content

What do you need for a good web presentation?

The design of your website will make the difference between getting the customer to buy from you or not. This of course is your goal so your web design must entice the potential client so you need to create a website which has wonderful graphic designs and the navigation for surfing the site has to be clear and precise. The layout of the site must make good sense to the prospective buyer.

When you have a business online you must remember that you will no doubt be up against the stiff competition so you must have the best web design to work in all the browsers. Remember there could be all different kinds of computers being used and they will all have different browsers too. Take a look at your website in different browsers to see if it has value in the various software available.

If your site takes a long time to load it can be detrimental to your business and that may be as little as ten seconds to a surfer, so keep your graphics and photos as small as you can but make sure that the quality does not become compromised.